Question Bank

The download below is a pdf file with 260 questions typical of the CAA written examination for the Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificates. Answers are not provided, but below each question is a reference of where in “The Pilot’s Radio Handbook” the answer can be found. The file will open in a new tab.

I am grateful to everybody who supplied questions, notably to Neil Thomas, previously of Cranfield Aviation.

I also appreciate readers’ input about questions, especially those to which the answers might not be mentioned in “The Pilot’s Radio Handbook”.


Page last updated on 29 January 2023


You can download updates to “The Pilot’s Radio Handbook – edition 22” below by clicking on the required update. The latest update includes all previous ones, so no need to download all of them. The pdf will open in a new tab.

May 2024 update

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January 2023 update – last update for edition 21

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