What’s new ?

February 2019: Edition 20

Edition 20 is now incorporating information for Drone or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) pilots. The layout has been slightly modernized, and the title is sporting another aircraft. The detailed chapter about Special Rules Areas (SRAs) has been removed, since this information is freely available in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP), which is now published on the CAA website.

1 January 2019: Logbook endorsement page

All license competency checks, revalidation checks, proficiency checks, type ratings, differences and familiarization training, new ratings etc. must be endorsed by the examiner on the pilot’s ENDORSEMENT PAGE. Pilots with old logbooks, which do not have an endorsement page printed in it, or pilots using an electronic logbook can download the endorsement page, print it, and paste it into the back of their current logbook or add it to the file with the printed electronic logbook pages.

When sending your papers to the CAA. also send a copy of the endorsement page, certified by a police officer, the post office, or any other commissioner of oath.

16 August 2018: Hundreds and Thousands

AIC Series D 005/2018 describes that Flight Levels consisting of full hundreds are now pronounced as FL100 = Flight Level one hundred, FL200 = Flight Level 200 etc.

And a QNH setting of a full thousand is now pronounced as QNH 1000 = QNH one thousand.