Chapters of the Book


Detailed syllabi for the Restricted AND the General Radio Telephony Certificates. Some basics about South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) publications.

Chapter 1 — Airspaces

Flight Information Regions, Classes of airspace (Controlled Airspace, Uncontrolled Airspace). Types of airspaces (ATZ, CTR, TMA, CTA, airways etc.).

Chapter 2 — Air Traffic Services

Objectives of Air Traffic Sevices, Types of Air Traffic Services. Area Control Service, Approach Control Service, Aerodrome Control Service, Surface Movement Control, Information Service, Alerting Service.

Chapter 3 — Flight Rules

Visual Flight Rules (VFR), Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), Special VFR.

Chapter 4 — Altimeter Setting Procedures

Transition Altitude, Transition Level, and the practical application of how to set your altimeter.

Chapter 5 — Semi-circular Rule

For VFR and IFR flights.

Chapter 6 — Flight Plans

Detailed explanation of how to file a Flight Plan, when to file it, how to close it and how to complete the Flight Plan form.

Chapter 7 — Terms, Codes and Signals

Units of Measurement, the Phonetic Alphabet, how to pronounce numerals, Morse Code, time, call signs, test procedures, categories of messages, signals to air traffic, marshalling signals, airport markings and signs.

Chapter 8 — Practical Communications

Phraseology, Standard Words, what to say when and to whom – in great detail.

Chapter 9 — Radar

Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radar explained. Radar Service and Control.

Chapter 10 — Radio Failure

Radio failure procedures for IFR and VFR flights, in all airspaces.

Chapter 11 — Emergency Communications

Distress and Urgency communications.

Chapter 12 — Search and Rescue

Search and Resue procedures, Uncertaincy Phase (INCERFA), Alert Phase (ALERFA), Distress Phase (DETRESFA). Operation of Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELT). Satellite tracking devices.

Chapter 13 —Radio Technical

Basic radio principles, frequency bands, range, radio installation in aircraft, power supply for the radios.

Chapter 14 — IFR Procedures

Departure and arrival procedures for IFR flights, RVSM, ACAS and SELCAL explained.

Chapter 15 —Navigational Aids

A brief description of the use of navigational aids, such as VOR, Instrument Landing System (ILS), DME, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNNS).

Appendix I — Airport List

A list of all licenced and registered airfields in the RSA with their four-letter ICAO code, airfield type, communication and navigation frequencies – and where to find more information.

Appendix II — Frequencies

A list of all frequencies used in South Africa for Control and Information Service and for Traffic Information Broadcast Aircraft (TIBA) around the country and in the Special Rules Areas.

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