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An easy read for all aspirant pilots, whether they fly light sport aircraft or gliders for fun, prepare for a career in aviation, or operate drones. It is the definitive South African reference work on aeronautical radio procedures and an essential textbook for passing the exams for both the Restricted and the General Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificates.

The Pilot’s Radio Handbook is now in its 22nd edition and has sold over 62,000 copies. While there are other study guides on the market, no other book explains the Air Traffic Control system as well as this one.

Its appendices and additional sections provide a wealth of information useful to pilots for flight planning, checking communications and navigational frequencies and a whole lot more. It’s the kind of book all pilots should carry in their flight bags.

This book is invaluable to:

  • Student Pilots
    to understand the Air Traffic Control System and to pass the written and oral examination to achieve a Restricted Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificate
  • Private Pilots
    to re-read and refresh themselves on all the little intricacies of the Air Traffic Control System, which are sometimes forgotten if not used frequently
  • Drone Pilots
    to pass the required “Radio Licence” exam, and to learn how to operate safely and legally
  • Prospective Commercial Pilots
    to gain insight into the Air Traffic Control System for the conduct of instrument flying and to pass the examination for the General Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificate
  • All Pilots
    as a companion in the flight bag and an everyday reference book for filing flight plans, checking frequencies, airspaces and much more.

Page last updated on 29 January 2023