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The Pilot's Radio Handbook, by Dietlind Lempp is an easy to understand guide to radio procedures for pilots.

 It is an essential handbook for passing the exams for both restricted and general radio telephony certificates.

The 'Radio Book' now in its 19th edition has sold over 46 000 copies. It is regarded as the definitive South African reference work on radio procedures for pilots.

The book is invaluable to:

  • Student Pilots
    to understand the Air Traffic Control System and to pass the written and oral examination to achieve a Restricted Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificate

  • Private Pilots
    to re-read and refresh themselves on all the little intricacies of the Air Traffic Control System which are sometimes forgotten if not used frequently

  • Prospective Commercial Pilots
    to gain insight into the Air Traffic Control System for the conduct of instrument flying and to pass the skills test for a General Aeronautical Radio Telephony Certificate

  • All Pilots
    as a companion in the flight bag and an everyday reference book for filing flight plans, checking frequencies, airspaces and many other valuable items of data


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